Monday, 1 July 2013

/proc/kcore and rinetd occupies the entire hard disk space

We had a strange problem in ubuntu server. This happened without any warning, still don't know whats the reason for that. I logged in to the system and couldn't do anything...I was getting strange errors, and then I saw the hard disk space, it was 0...0 space left. It was shocking for me. We have around 2TB of hard disk space, then I checked the folders one by one...there was one folder named "proc" that occupied almost the entire 1.32TB of data and the rest by the /var/log folder.
I googled many times, and the result I got is this "proc/kcore" is a virtual file, it will not occupy any space. Its protected and you cannot delete that file also, then I restarted the system. After a quck reboot, system was normal...everything was working fine, after an hour and so I checked the disk space again,  boooooooooommmmmm...almost 50% occupied by "proc/kcore" file again. I couldn't find an answer for this. then I upgraded ubuntu 10.04 to 12.x.
After a successfull upgrade everything seemed to be normal. After 3-4 days, I checked the space again..booooooooooomm...35% of space gone....I checked the "proc/kcore" file this time...Fortunately this time it's not his fault. then I checked the /var/logs folder....too many logs..
After searching for a very long time, I found that there is a process called "RINETD" that creates too many logs.

I still couldn't find an answer for my 1'st problem.

But I managed to solve issues with RINETD process. To disable the logs just perform the below steps.

1) Stop rinetd process first

       service rinetd stop

2) Delete the log files from logs folder

       cd var/logs
       rm -R *

3) Open rinetd config file and disable the log output

     nano /etc/rinetd.conf

     To disable log, comment the following

      # Remove the comment from the line below to enable logging option.
      # logfile /var/log/rinetd.log

4) Restart the service again

      service rinetd restart 

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